Thursday, September 04, 2008

Club name change

Handsworth Police ABC has changed its name to Aspire Police ABC for the new season. This gives me a good opportunity to praise the great work done in amateur boxing by the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain, promoting strong, inclusive clubs serving all sectors of the community. More info to follow.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Forthcoming boxing shows:

The Spa Bridlington
Bridlington ABC
YO15 3JH
2nd October

Denaby Miners Welfare
Tom Hill ABC
DN12 4AQ
3rd October

Primrose Valley
Scarborough ABC
YO14 9RF
7th October

Rotherham Trades Club
Malthouse ABC
S60 1RB
8th October

The Drum Bentley
DN12 4DG
9th October

Irish Centre Leeds
Burmantofts ABC
9th October

Halifax Gym
Halifax ABC
10th October

Consort Hotel
Hard & Fast ABC
10th October

Cavalier Club Hull
Hull Saints ABC
14th October

Harehills Labour Club
Sharkeys BA
15th October

Edlington Top Club
Doncaster Plant ABC
DN12 1DL
16th October

John Charles Centre Leeds
Batesons ABC
LS11 5DJ
17th October

Association Finals Junior Novice
Airedale ABC
18th October

Birdwell Club
Lockys ABC
S70 5UY
21st October

Assoc Junior Finals Spin off
Airedale ABC
22nd October

Colley Club
Parson Cross ABC
S5 9LS
23rd October

Kellingley Club Knottingley
Ringside ABC
WF11 8ER
24th October

Eastmount Recreation Centre
East Hull ABC
24th October

Darnal Liberal Club
Unity ABC
S9 8HY
29th October

Cedar Court Hotel Wakefield
Aspire Police ABC
31st October

Junior Novices Qtr Final
Away to Mid Counties
2nd November

Cedar Court Hotel Wakefield
Airedale ABC
7th November

Cedar Court Hotel Bradford
Bradford Police ABC
7th November

Junior Novice Semi Finals
9th November

Darnall Liberal Club
Burngreave ABC
S9 8HY
12th November

Denaby Miners Welfare
Conisborough ABC
DN12 4AQ
13th November

Bradford City FC
Eastburn ABC
14th November

Senior Novice Assoc Finals
Halifax ABC
16th November

John Charles Centre Leeds
Batesons ABC
LS11 5DJ
17th November

Halton Moor Club
LS15 0DE
20th November

Country Park Hotel
Kingston ABC
HU13 0HB
21st November

Junior Novice Finals
22nd November

Woodseats WMC
Aspire Police ABC
S8 0PS
26th November

Doncaster Dome
Doncaster Plant ABC
28th November

Queens Hotel Leeds
Association Show
25th November

Senior Novice Qtr Final
Home to Midlands
30th November

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coaching update

An update on the changing face of coach education.

Education and training
ABAE Coach Education and Assessment programme - update, May 2008.
Getting into line with the National Standards for Coaching, Coach Education and Assessment
The ABAE Coach Education programme is being revised to bring it in line with the National Standards, both for Coaching and for Tutoring and Assessing Coach Education Courses. This is one of the objectives set out in the Whole Sport Plan and agreed with Sport England and SportsCoachUK (scUK). All National Governing Bodies of sport have undertaken this process.

The UK Coaching Framework
Amateur Boxing is now one of 29 key sports who have signed up to the new UK Coaching Framework (UKCF) and has been classified as a 'Delivery 1' sport. This means that Amateur Boxing, for the first time, has access to dedicated officer and financial support from the key agencies, such as Sport England, SkillsActiveUK and scUk in implementing the new Coaching Awards.
As part of the UKCF we are reviewing the content, assessment process and delivery mechanisms. We need to offer a high quality 'state of the art' service to the hundreds of volunteer coaches who are already in the system and to those new coaches we need if the vision for our sport set out in our development plans is to be realised.

Home Country Cooperation
The ABAE are also working in partnership with Scotland (ABS) and Wales (WABA), as part of the UKCF, to fulfil the criteria for inclusion in the UKCoaching Certificate (UKCC). scUK are currently revising the criteria for UKCC recognition and the ABAE, WABA and ABS will be following the new pathway specifications being mapped out.

The new Awards, Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQ)

VRQ Level 1
Following consultation with the Coaching Commission and scUK, the ABAE Board and English Council agreed that the first priority for the new coaching system is a new VRQ Level 1 (Assistant Coach) Award. This new qualification will be delivered and assessed over 26 hours (2 weekends) and is the entry route into coaching the competitive sport. Candidates MUST be nominated by an affiliated Amateur Club.

VRQ Level 2
The new Full Coach qualification. (60 hours pre-course work, home study, tutoring and assessment) which has been developed at VRQ Level 2, is an essential requirement for running a club, identifying and developing talent and will be the bedrock of the ABAE's Coaching programme.

VRQ Level 3
The new Senior Coach Award has now been mapped against the National Standards and the content is being developed. This new award will focus on talent identification and medium term performance planning and periodisation. A new sport science base is being developed for all the ABAE's awards but a high level of knowledge and understanding of coaching theory, skill learning and development is vital at the Level 3. This award will also focus on more advanced conditioning techniques specific to Amateur Boxing. Potential Level 3 Coaches will be identified at regional level and invited to apply for training and accreditation.

VRQ Level 4
The new Advanced Coach Award is still in preparation. The national standards for coach education at this level have not yet been finalised and so the mapping which has been done at Levels 1, 2 and 3 has not yet been possible.

The ABAE Coaching Resource Pack
As part of the revision of the ABAE Coaching Awards we are producing a comprehensive pack of resource materials, including a DVD, covering skill learning, conditioning and coaching practice. The support materials will be provided for every new applicant and ABAE Coaches who are accredited and on the ABAE Coaching Database.

Units of the resource pack which have already been developed are:
Statement of Ethics and Equity adopted by the ABAE
Safety in Amateur Boxing - the research evidence and good practice
The Role of the Coach in Amateur Boxing
Planning and Practice in coaching, gym management, and competition
Effective Communication - getting the message across
Teaching the Punches and Defences related to age and ability levels
Generic Principles of Training applied to Amateur Boxing
Conditioning for Amateur Boxing (Resistance Training, Gym Work, Running, warm-ups and cool down procedures and static and developmental stretches)
Nutrition and Hydration
Coaching Children
Long Term Athlete Development, the basic principles.
Amateur Boxing in context - community development and the education sector
The ABAE Incentive Award Scheme

The ABAE Coaching system
These elements will be the core of the Resource Pack. More will be added, especially to cover periodisation and long term performance planning, the bio-mechanics of boxing, advanced conditioning techniques, tactical planning for competition, decision making in the bout and the application of the ABAE's athlete development model.
Qualified Coach Educators
One of the most important areas of the UK Coaching Framework is the formal training and accreditation of those who educate and assess coaches. Within the next 2 years the ABAE will move towards the establishment of a National Coach Educator and Assessor 'Faculty' consisting of coaches who have been accredited through the Certificate in Tutoring Sport (CTS) and Introduction to Assessment Practice in Sport (IAPS). In the interim all accredited ABAE Coaches graded at Levels 3 and 4 will be offered the opportunity to apply for a place on CTS and IAPS accreditation courses. Priority will be given to existing p/t Regional Coaches.
The existing system and moving from the 'old' to the 'new' Award structure
While the process of developing the new awards and accrediting the coach educators is continuing, the existing coach education system will remain in effect. This will mean that the Full Coach qualification (Parts 1 and 2) will continue to be delivered at regional level and Senior and Advanced Coaches will be trained and assessed on a national basis.
Those coaches who hold ABAE qualifications which are up to date and who are on the ABAE coaching database will be offered a 'bridge' into the new system which will consist of a one day 'refresher' workshop delivered in regions where they will be provided with the new ABAE Coaching Resource Pack.

The new Award structure will be implemented gradually during 2008 and 9.
The new Level 1 Course syllabus will be confirmed by the Coaching Commission on June 7th 2008 and rolled out in the autumn of this year. The first Pilot of the new course will take place in London in late August 2008 and will be led by English National Coach, Mick Gannon.
All new candidates for Assistant Coach grading will be trained to the National Standard for Coaching, VRQ Level 1, as part of the UK Coaching Framework from November 2008 onwards and the new VRQ Level 2 (Full Coach) syllabus will be piloted in November 2008 and implemented from March 2009.
Further updates on the roll out of the new ABAE Coaching Awards will be available on the website as information becomes available.For more information visit SportsCoach UK

Download the Yorkshire ABA Newsletter here

Click on the yellow circle below and follow the instructions to download the Yorkshire ABA newsletter:

Read this doc on Scribd: Newsletter1PDF

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nicola Adams

Congratulations to Nicola Adams of Yorkshire and England (above, wearing the belt she won in Canada) on a fantastic season. The future of female amateur boxing in Yorkshire looks very bright due to the efforts of boxers like Nicola, and to the modern attitude of coaches like Martn Uttley, Alwyn Belcher, Ronny Tucker, Chris Smedley and the many others in the county who see the potential of the female side of this great sport.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yorkshire 6 - Dublin 5

39kg Clarke Titterton (Handsworth) lost 5-12 Dylan Clarke
44kg Grant Deley (Handsworth) won 13-12 Jack Harvey
64kg Thomas Marsden (Handsworth) Won RSC 2nd Keith Monks
Senior 59kg Lee Connolly (Handsworth) won 17-16 James Moorehouse
66kg Daniel Hardman (Handsworth) won RSC 3rd Michael McDonagh
55kg Senior Aroon Yaquob (Batesons) won 18-15 Carl McDonald
51 liam Jones (Handsworth) lost RTD Charlie Haggerty
67kg Senior Jerome Wilson (Steel City) won 25-13 Keith O`Brian
60kg Senior Joe Heeley (Scarborough) lost 19-21 James Upton
66kg Senior Sam Sheedy (Sheffield B C) lost 4-17 Michael Collins
70kg Senior Lewis Taylor (Steel City) lost 6-7 Bernard Roe

Monday, January 22, 2007

More Canada photos

More from the Canada trip

Yorkshire ABA Tournament at Niagara Falls

On the 16th August the Yorkshire ABA sent a team of 7 boxers to Canada to compete against an Ontario select.

The event took place at the famous Fallsview Casino which overlooks the Niagara Falls.

The Yorkshire group led by Martin Utley [Association Coach] and myself comprised;

Joe Rodgers [Parson Cross ABA, Sheffield]
Nicola Adams [Sharkey’s ABC, Leeds]
Adnan Khan [Bateson’s ABC, Leeds]
Thomas Marcon [White Rose ABC, Wakefield]
Jordan Knowles [Sheffield Lane Top ABC]
Gary Habbin [Handsworth ABC, Sheffield]
Phil Callaghan [A1 ABC Leeds]

Because of the diverse location of the members of the team it was decided that Martin would meet the boxers from the Sheffield area and travel to Manchester airport using the club minibus. I met the Leeds continent at the Leeds City Station and we took the train.
Surprisingly everyone arrived at the airport within 10 minutes of each other.

Due to the terrorist incidents, in London, the previous week the hand luggage restrictions were severe. Martin and I had contacted everyone prior to the date of travel and told them not bring any hand luggage. Apart from the stringent security checks and full body search [some of the lads enjoyed this and went round twice] everything went smoothly.

The carrier airline was Thomas Cook Charter. I have to confess that I was not looking forward to this as my experience with charter flights has not been very happy. I was wrong.

I don’t think I have been on a more comfortable flight - soft leather seats - lots of leg room and the food and service was very good.

We left Manchester at 1640 and after a 7 hour flight landed in Toronto [a short stopover in Montreal] at 2125 [Canadian time] where were met by the Canadian National Coach, Vinny Ryan [no relation] and his wife Val [Ontario President].

An hour and a half drive to the town of St Catharines [that’s how it is spelt] where we stayed at the Howard Johnson Hotel. Every one was shattered so the boxers went off for an early night. Martin and I had to stay up a little longer and discuss the schedule for the following days.

The hotel was pretty good. The rooms large and there was lots of facilities - swimming pool - a small training room - a bar with a pool table and dartboard that also served food. Next door was a restaurant that served excellent meals. A suite had been set aside on the ground floor of the hotel with microwave, toaster, fridge along with packets of cereal, bread rolls, ham, fruit etc. It also had a large TV and the boxers used this room to hang out, play cards etc.

Thursday - After much negotiating and shaking of heads on the previous night, I got my way and organised the weigh-in after breakfast. We then went on a tour of the famous Niagara Falls. Well worth seeing and where you get soaked it you walk within 500 yards.

The evening was spent at the St Catharines Boxing Club gym. [they were the host club] where Martin put lads through a vigorous session. The boxers worked very hard - not one shirker. I have to say Martin is a good as it gets on the pads.

After training we were invited to the house of one of the club committee for a superb outdoor meal. The boxers were lucky they had every kind of fruit juice imaginable. Poor old and Martin and I had to drink Guinness.

Friday - Went to Niagara Falls again to see the bits we had not seen before. In the evening back to the hotel restaurant for a meal after which we went to the Fallsview Casino which was the venue for the tournament.

What an amazing place. Apparently the biggest hotel in Canada. Marble floors and number of vast halls in which most of the world class entertainers appear.

We were to box in the Grand Hall. Can’t imagine why they call it that - its only about 80 yards long and 30 yards wide.

The boxing was part of a triple bill - Mu Thai [I think that is how it is spelt] Kick Boxing to me, and a health and fitness contest for females which involved strutting around in skimpy bikinis. What a bore.

Saturday - Day of rest. Had to be at the venue for 4.30 to see the doctor. Got there on time only to be told that there would be a delay of one hour. the kickers and bikinis were running late.

Joe Rodgers had been appointed captain, by the rest of the team. I think he was bullied into this because we had told everyone that someone would have to sing “Land of Hope and Glory”. Of course they thought that this would be the captain’ and gave the job to Joe. This backfired when we asked the team captain to nominate a singer. Nicola and Thomas were selected to sing a duet. this, of course, was a wind up and although they denied it they had been nervous for a couple of days at the prospect.

The Tournament

1st contest - Joe was too strong, fit and busy for his opponent and won very comfortably over 3 rounds. [no scores announced] for me 20-12

2nd contest - Nicola was up against a very strong opponent but right from the first bell she took command of the bout. In all the years I have been involved with boxing I have never seen such polished performance. In every department Nicola was outstanding - an amazing demonstration of amateur boxing. No scores but on my card would have been around 30-8

3rd contest - Adnan boxed extremely well against a very awkward opponent. Once again our lad was the fitter and stronger and in this case more skillful. A close contest that I would have put at around 14-10

4th contest - Thomas was up against the best of the Canadian boxers. A good 6 inches taller with a reach to match which he used to the full advantage. Thomas did his best to get inside but it was not easy against such a skilled opponent. In the last round Thomas did manage to get on top of a tiring boxer. Had it gone another round he might have pinched it.

5th contest - Jordan boxed another very awkward southpaw. Won the first round and then seemed to lose his concentration in the second. The last two rounds were fairly even. We lost the contest I would estimate at 15-12

6th contest - The pressure was on Gary. If we lost this bout we had lost the tournament. Gary told me as he went into the ring “he did not care who his opponent was he was not going to lose”. And he was dead right. Gary battered the Canadian boxers around the ring for three rounds until the referee stopped the contest.

7th contest - Phil was brought into the tournament at a late stage on the insistence that we provide an 85Kg boxer. Phil had trained twice every day for 4 weeks to get himself fit for the trip. He was up against the Canadian champion who was very strong. Phil was a bit ring rusty and for two rounds was pretty much on the defensive. After that he seemed to find a little of his old self and gave a good account but not enough to the win the bout.

All in all a very good tournament. The Canadian officials were extremely competent and fair.

My general comments

We should keep this event going on an annual basis. We did suggest to the Canadian that May might be a good time for a return match in Yorkshire and they said that it suited them fine.

I do believe that we have in this group the makings of a serious Yorkshire Squad. The attitude of the team was tremendous. They were all proud to put on the Yorkshire vest. They all worked hard while were there - not a word of descent. There behavior in and out of the ring was a credit to their Country, their Association, their Clubs, there Coaches, to themselves and most important to Martin and me.

Martin is the ideal Association Coach. He got on very well with the boxers and in return got their respect. They all told me that they enjoyed the work in the gym and felt confident having him their corner.

As I have said [with Martin in charge, supported by other Association Coaches] we have the makings of a Yorkshire Squad that bodes well for the future.

Mick Ryan

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yorkshire in Canada

Left to right: Gary, Jordan, Thomas, Nicola, Adnan, Phil, Joe, Martin

The Fallsview Casino

The Fallsview Casino

Yorkshire ABA holds first training camp at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Well done to all the boxers and coaches who took part in the first Yorkshire training camp at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Using the same facilities as the England national set up uses should put the county on the way to achieving its full potential, with more boxers representing at county and national level, and gaining the vital experience needed to move onto the international scene.